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Minerva B Nicholas Bible

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Title  Minerva B Nicholas Bible, Email from Kay (Nicholas) Shiery to Dwight Thompson, Dated 16 Nov 2003 
Author  Kay (Nicholas) Shiery 
Text  Minerva B Nicholas Bible I wish I could imitate Minerva's handwriting...it is so pretty. As I told you, my oldest brother, Donald Blayne, has the Family Bible in his possession. It is quite fragile and I wouldn't want to attempt to lay it on copy machines for fear of tearing the pages. I have copied the info in my own handwriting (trying to duplicate her handwriting---not an easy fete)...so I will attempt to type it out for you in similar fashion.

Minerva B Nicholas
Her Book

A Present from Her Husband
Ernest E. Nicholas

Sep 5, 1870

Family Record
   Ernest E. Nicholas
Minerva B. Morris
December the
12, 1867
N ove    15
N o y e  15
Family Record
Births           Births          
William Ernest
April 29, 1869
George Heizer
January 4, 1875

Edward Henry
April 25, 1871 

Karlos Adolphas
June the 4, 1876

Minerva Ernestine
Nov the 8

John Ralph
Born Sep the 7
Lurena Adalade
April the third

Conrad Julious Abijah
June the 3

King Fritz
Born July 6, 1884

     Deaths     Deaths
Minerva Ernestine
August 25, 1867
  Aged nine months &
     seventeen days
Emily died
  July 26, 1875
  Aged 17 years
   8 months 24 days

George Heizer
February the 16  1876
Aged one month &
twelve days

 Mother  (Nicholas)
Minerva B Hastings
was born in village
of Bombay
N.Y. State April
19, 1839
Died Dec 3,  1900
 in Rippey, Iowa
Ernest Edward Nicholas
Oct. 9, 1924
Age 86 year
3 months & 14 Days
Rippey, Iowa

Dwight....please note:  The extra dark print under 'Deaths' was written in a different handwriting.  I presume it may have been written by Aunt Addie (their daughter Adalade).  Also, note:  she wrote Ernest's death age as 86 years, 3 months & 14 days...which figures out with his birth year as being 1838.
There is another page of births that is written which is almost idential as the one I have included here...the only difference was the oldest son's name.  In one place his name is William Ernest Nicholas...and the other it is written as Ernest William Nicholas....go figure!  I have absolutely no idea what the '1905....Bema....N ove 15, N o y e  15' means.  Ah, the joys of working with old documents.
Oh yes, note she wrote her name under marriages as Morris!  I believe Morris may have been her maiden name....I am sure she was married to a man by the name of Hastings...as soon as scanner is working I will you some papers supporting my belief.  Plus...under Deaths, she mentions Emily...dying at age of 17.  All right, now you have some food for thought.  :)  Have a fun time of going through this.  I hope it prints out in the same format that I typed it.  Take care.  Kay

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